Lyn Bowtell’s latest single from her ARIA Country #1, and ‘Contemporary Country Album of the Year’ winning Album ‘Wiser’ is ‘Looking for Nobody’.

This tongue-in-cheek song uses a play on words to describe looking for someone who’ll love and support you, even when you’re feeling defeated.

‘Nobody loves you when you cry
Nobody wants you when you lie down and admit defeat
Nobody likes a loser on this street
Nobody likes to wander around, aimless, wearing a crooked crown
But if you ask me, I could definitely be somebody
I’m somebody looking for nobody’

The title came to Lyn upon leaving the show after her third round on season six of ‘The Voice’, and the ideas behind the song brewed for a year or two before she finished it.

With a fun, light-hearted upbeat feel, and quirky production from Shane Nicholson, ‘Looking For Nobody’ is the perfect addition to any summer playlist.

“I love how the production has captured the cheekiness in the lyrics of the song and it’s so much fun to perform live,” Lyn said. 

“Live audiences love to sing it along with me so I’m really looking forward to hearing the response from radio listeners.”

Get all the summer feels and get ready to sing along to the latest fun masterpiece from the ten-time Golden Guitar, and 2023 ‘Contemporary Country Album of the Year’ winner.