Just over 12 months ago Felicity Urquhart, Kevin Bennett and myself got together to perform a show at Tamworth Country Music Festival under the name ‘Country, Heart & Soul’. We had so much fun we decided to take it on the road with a number of shows in NSW. The next step was of course to record an album together..so we looked in our diaries, found 2 days to write the songs and then another 2 to record them, and with a new name ‘Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart’ released the album at TCMF 2016. It’s a very different style of album to anything we’d do individually…it has it’s own unique sound and character. So, if you like 3 piece vocal harmony , acoustic instruments and earthy authentic Roots Country then check it out ! The album is available on iTunes or via my webstore.
Hope you love it as much as we do !
Lyn X